Tuesday, December 1, 2015

If you had only 6 books to read

If you had only 6 books to read, you should read:

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** to read faster, use getabstract.com (summary of books)

Friday, November 13, 2015

Main difference between French and French-Canadian

Most people who move to Montreal ask this question:What's the main difference between Quebec people and Anglo-Saxon?). 
I am born in France and move to QC when I was nine and was shocked to see how different french speaking were from anglo-saxon quebecers when I started working. The aim here is to help French people to better understand Quebec society if they migrate, the main goal of this blog http://fr2qc.blogspot.ca/
My take is related to their core value system (learn it from reading on anthropology):
  • French think/are brainwash and think the society enforce equality (same chances + always there to help with a social security net) so even if you are lazy the society will take care of you. 
  • English think/understand the world is in-equal and if you don't fight/work there is no limit how down you can get
This core/deep value has a massive impact on people behavior. I personally think inequality is a better model in trouble times but equality illusion lead people to be more free/more creative + able to take more risk which is why mixing the 2 culture is so powerful. 
Of course adding Catholic church of top didn't help at all (money = devil). 
At least, the affordable education system is a gift to Qc society in the long run. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Real estate investment: Canada or US?

As mentioned here, the 3 biggest factor of real-estate value are: Location, Employment and Population.

If we factor in real-estate bubble, currency, interest rate risk it is safer to invest in the US.

LocationQuebec (Can)Main (US)
current valuation (revenue)20.00%1.351
currency valuation 25.00%1.350.9
Foreign investment10.00%0.850.75
Interest rate risk15.00%1.40.9
Crash risk15.00%1.350.9
Life quality15.00%0.81.25
Education access20.00%0.651
Population education level20.00%0.751
Life quality10.00%0.81
Job market50%0.750.9
Population demography50.00%1.51
Quebec (Can)Main (US)

How to replace your cable bill by a house cleaner?

Since a couple of years, I want to get ride of the cable because the cost doesn't justify its usage but my wife still want to listen sometimes to traditional TV. I made a deal with her. I have exchanged the cable bills to a maid and air HDTV. I have invested CAN$163 to buy the material required to set-up a digital antenna and 4 hours to install it. It will take me only 4 months to recover my investment and then my saving will paid 50% of my maid bill per months. What do you need to buy to do the same? (special thanks the Steph)

You can get everything on amazon.

#1) Buy online the required material

  1. RCA Dual Coax Wall Plate RG 6/RG 59 - White (home depot or amazon) CAN$ 6.93
  2. RCA outdoor antenna preamplifier Sold by Amazon.com.ca, Inc. CAN$ 44.29

Total = $CAN 163.88
1)2)Monoprice 103034 50-Feet RG6  Quad Shield CL2 Coaxial Cable with F Type Connector - Black3)RCA TVPRAMP1R Outdoor Antenna Preamplifier4)RCA ANT751R Outdoor Antenna Optimized for Digital Reception

#2) Install it

Final setup looks like this:

#3) Adjust it

Don't forget to adjust your antenna to get optimal reception -> Antenna angle ajustment

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Million Dollar Journey blog

IF you are looking for great advices on how to "Building Wealth through Saving and Investing" you should look also at this blog http://www.milliondollarjourney.com/

I you don't have a pension back by tax payers, you have certainly notice the growing generation gap.
Knowing that the baby boomers are outnumbering us in number and cash, we should expect a clash at one point but by the time you need to financially educate yourself before the tsunami starts. Don't get trap in the red rat race to pay for other generation mistakes.

Monday, August 18, 2014

How to make your mortgage interest tax free in Canada

Deer high tax payer lovers,

As you might know, in the US, your house interest payments are tax free.
Unfortunately, rules aren't the same in Canada but.....you can do a double swap to make it tax free.

How? If you have investments outside your RSP :
  • withdraw it and pay your mortgage
  • then borrow back to money secured by a mortgage and put back the money in our investment portfolio
Revenue Canada says that all the interest you pay on money you borrowed to make an investments in tax deductible.

Isn't that wonderful?

Not sure you get it?

Basically, if you have non RSP investments and a mortgage you should pay your mortgage with your investments and reinvest from your line of credit. Bottom line, you still have the same amount of dept but your interest are tax-free. So, isn't that wonderful? Check the glob and mail article refer bellow. 


  • Make certain that the new mortgage was needed by the bank to secure your loan to buy investments
  • Do not purchase the exact same investments you held prior to paying your mortgage. You should purchase new investments. 
More information: